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Allowing even resistance

Our diksha group met again tonight, and I again noticed resistance... just allowing resistance, and how resistance is still there, yet also as if not there.

When resistance is resisted, not allowed, not wanted, it appears as very real and solid, in our experience, it splits the world into I here and Other there in a very substantial and impactful way.

But when resistance is allowed, welcomed in, even befriended, its nature as awake emptiness is revealed, it becomes transparent, spacious, immaterial, still a wall but a wall made out of just space.

An image of a maze came up. When resistance is resisted, I am on the ground level inside of the maze, and the walls are very solid. The maze appears as a real problem. And when resistance is no longer resisted, the walls become transparent and immaterial, and I am all of the space surrounding and making up the maze itself. The maze, although still there, is not a problem anymore.


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