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Wednesday, April 21, 2004 |

Deeply Human

Gandhi said that his religion was Truth.

For me, I think it must be to become deeply human. To deeply and fully explore and embrace all parts of myself.

It opens up for deep self-acceptance. It is all there, part of the Universe - just like the mountains, rivers, flowers, cities...
Expressions of the beautiful and immensely varied Universe - going beyond all polarities.

It opens up for knowing how to relate to the various parts in an appropriate way. To allow it all to come up unhindered in my experience. And in what ways to express it in my life.

It opens for deep and natural compassion. Everything I see in others, I recognize from myself. It is all there... It helps me to see the human in the other, and to relate to what they express with clarity.


Monsieur Ibrahim

I watched Monsieur Ibrahim a few days ago. It is a beautiful and deeply human story. One that reminds us of what is truly important in life. Becoming deeply human... Connections...

It was also a reminder of a cultural differences between Europe and the US. This is a European movie - focusing on the deeply human and portraying a deeply human connection between a Muslim and Jew. Sadly, it is not one that would have been made in the US - who tend to express the inhuman hard views (or the superficial sentimental).

Thursday, April 15, 2004 |


It is wise to align oneself with the processes of the world (the inner processes are part of the larger processes of the Earth and the Universe).

The world is continually changing. Everything is flow, from galaxies, solar systems, planets, continents, mountains, oceans, ecosystems, and down to human biology, human society, and human experience.

Aligning ourselves with this changing world, our own views and behavior will also continually change. We explore, learn, gain new insights - reflected in fluid views and actions.

Even when our deeper guidelines point in more or less the same direction (for instance becoming deeply human, transdual views, compassion etc), our surface views and actions will change.

Only fools are consistent with themselves

Saturday, April 10, 2004 |

Healthy Views

A Norwegian newspaper published a list of the 15 most admired women and 15 most admired men in Norway. The lists contains mostly politicians and humanitarians, and a philosopher. For me, it reflects a very healthy attitude towards life. It is also a dramatic contrast with the typical US view on life - I assume screen actors and talk show hosts would top the list here (reflecting profoundly unhealthy culture and priorities).

The large number of politicians on the list also says something about the health of Norwegian democracy (although there is room for improvement), which is transparent, a multiparty system, and where the politicians are regular women and men from a wide range of backgrounds.

1. Gro Harlem Brundtland - former prime minister for the labor party, former WHO director
2. Eva Joly - corruption buster
3. Kristin Halvorsen - socialist politician
4. Kona - wife
5. Wenche Foss - stage actor
6. Mor - mother
7. Siv Jensen
8. Erna Solberg
9. Kronprinsesse Mette-Marit
10. Åsne Seierstad
11. Dronning Sonja
12. Anne Enger Lahnstein
13. Prinsesse Märtha Louise
14. Rosemarie Köhn
15. Liv Ullmann

1. Kåre Willoch
2. Kong Harald
3. Kronprins Haakon
4. Carl I. Hagen
5. Gunnar Stålsett
6. Jens Stoltenberg
7. Arne Næss sr. - philosopher
8. Kjell Inge Røkke
9. Thorvald Stoltenberg
10. Kjell Magne Bondevik
11. Far
12. Mannen
13. Erik Bye
14. Petter Solberg
15. Thomas Giertsen

Monday, April 05, 2004 |

Voice Dialogue

I went to a voice dialogue workshop at Great Vow monastery this weekend. It is a very powerful process, especially when combined with a mediation practice (and a body oriented practice makes it work even deeper).

Some reminders for me:
(a) All voices seek to help us, in their own way. It is important to expressively acknowledge their contribution and intention ("what would happen to ... if you did not ...?" etc.)
(b) Each of the voices has less mature and a more mature expression.
(c) Through dialogue, each of the voices can be brought into awareness, and into each other's awareness. They can be reminded of their original funtion (to help us), and assisted in helping us in a more finetuned/fruitful/mature way. They gradually work more together as a finetuned and coordinated orchestra.
(d) I also found that it is possible to do a "mass broadcasting" in addition to the regular one-on-one dialogue with the voices. It can be used to help bring the voices into each other's awareness, to remind them of their purpose (to help the individual), and that their way of helping can be fine tuned and informed by the outcomes for the individual. After doing this, I experienced an alignment that was quite surprising.