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Wednesday, June 23, 2004 |

Messages from Water

"What the Bleep do We Know' featured work by Masaru Emoto on the effects of intention on water crystallization. It is work by only one researcher so who knows how reliable it is - but it does make intuitive sense. [It seems that anyone should be able to replicate it, especially those living in climates with cold winters and a microscope.]

Emoto found that clean water and/or healing intentions (gratitude, compassion etc) leads to the formation of regular and beautiful water crystals.

Impure water and/or non-healing intentions produces less well-formed crystals.

In any case, it is a reminder of the power on intentions - they form our life, our role in the world, and collectively - the (social/ecological) world we live in.

Monday, June 21, 2004 |

What the ***bleep***

I saw What the Bleep do We Know last night. It is a well made movie on current thinking about the intersection between new physics and spirituality. Nothing new, but well presented (a documentary with a fictional story woven in and animations).

It reminded me of how effective the Big Mind process is in opening for a glimpse of the transdual experience of the world. And how effective a daily meditation practice (under guidance of an experienced teacher) is in grounding and embodying (living, expressing) the transdual experience, and helping us let go of attachments to habits and patterns.

Thursday, June 10, 2004 |


I watched a wise and touching documentary today: Kroppen Min ("My Body"), by a Norwegian female documentary maker.

It is striking how so many in this culture are unhappy with their own body - mostly because of how they think others perceive them... In my experience, most people value authenticity far more than "perfection". And most people are much more concerned about themselves than others... (This unhappiness is another example of how other's commercial interests can form our views when we allow them to).

Personally, I am far more disturbed when someone feels they need to hide/mask how they are (make-up, surgery etc) rather than by an normally odd, "imperfect", authentic and beautiful body... Authenticity is beautiful. How can it be otherwise?