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In deep gratitude of Douglas Harding

Douglas Harding died yesterday, 97 years old.

In the spirit of his teachings, I see that out there, in the world of form, he is no longer, but right here, where others see my head, this awake emptiness is the same awake emptiness that gave life and form to Douglas. It does not come and go, it is timeless, spaceless, full of the whole world.

Douglas came and went, but the awake emptiness that gave life and form to him, and which had so beautifully awakened to itself in him, is right here, already and always.

And in and as this awakeness, a deep gratitude and appreciation for his work is coming up, along with a sadness for his passing and for not having met him.

These are the forms and life of the awake emptiness, as it arises right now. And for the awake emptiness to recognize itself as awake emptiness, even as it arises in and as the gratitude and sadness, means that the gratitude and sadness can not only unfold more freely but also experienced more fully.


From Richard Lang:

In the early hours of this morning,
Thursday 11 January, Douglas Harding passed away. What a great man!
What a wonderful gift he gave the world.
Love and gratitude
If you have memories of Douglas Harding,
or reflections on his work, or would like to share the ways in which he/his work has affected your life, you can share these at

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The Shollond Trust
87B Cazenove Road
London N16 6BB

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