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The field resisting itself

This is getting very repetitious, but it is what is alive for me these days, and comes up over and over, and also with a sense of it as always new.

As soon as there is an identification with resistance, as soon as it is made into an I, as soon as resistance is resisted, the field is split, there is a sense of I and Other.

The field resists one aspect of itself, and by necessity identifies with another - apparently opposed - aspect. The field is split, in its own experience of itself. There is an identification with one form aspect, apparently opposed to other form aspects, as I and Other.

And this resistance is ultimately the field resistant to itself as a field, a field of what's here, of seeing and seen, of awake emptiness and form, inherently absent of a separate I, absent of a Center of I, already and always absent of I and Other.

By resisting anything, including any resistance, the field splits itself in its own experience of itself, it sees itself as finite in time and space, an entity in a world of entities, by necessity involved in drama and struggle, a struggle that, when it comes down to it, is experienced as a life-and-death struggle.

A great deal of effort goes into this resistance, and maintaining a sense of I and Other and the identities which clues us in to how to split the field into I and Other.

And it is also easily released, simply by being with whatever is, as it is, including any resistance, any impulse to want it to change, to want it to be different from what it is right now. Just being with whatever is, as it is, as it arises. It first releases the struggle, then it releases the sense of I and Other, allowing the field to notice itself as a field.

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