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No way out

There is no way out in several ways...

When there is a sense of I, there is no way out. We'll always run into a wall, the one of a split within the field, of I and Other. There is always and only temporary solutions.

The only way out is to realize that there is no separate I here in the first place. That is the only way out of the drama of I and Other, of the split within the field. But even here, there is no way out in the sense that the world of form continues, it goes on (although now revealed as awake emptiness and form, with no I as any aspect of itself, and the only "I" as all of it).

There is a way out of the suffering, but not of the world of form. And there doesn't have to be. Without the filter of I and Other it is OK as it is. It is more than OK.

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