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Nondual vs. Transdual

In Adveita, they talk about a nondual view. For me, the word transdual makes more sense as it acknowledges the process that leads into it.

I start out as aware of all experiences as a unified field - or as fragments appearing within space. I am not able to make any meaningful distinctions. My view is that of only oneness.

Then, I learn to make distinctions, essential to function effectively in this world. For a while, my view may be a blend of oneness and distinctions.

With the encouragement from society, I then learn to exclusively identify with this small self. My view is that of only distinctions.

And if the conditions favors it, my view again becomes a blend of oneness and distinctions. I am able to make distinctions which helps me be effective in the world, and I am fully aware of these distinctions as made within the context of a fluid seamless whole.

The first stage, that of the infant, is a truly nondual view. And it is completely nonfunctional.

The second stage is an early taste of a more transdual view, although we do not yet have enough familiarity with the world to be very effective in it.

The third stage is a dualistic view, and it allows us to explore and become effective in the world - to the extent the discomfort that comes with it does not incapacitate us.

The fourth stage is a more truly transdual view. We have included and incorporated all the lessons from the dualistic stage for how to function effectively in the world, and allow this to function within a view of a seamless fluid whole. We have transcended and included the previous stage. It is a functional realization of oneness.

For me, nondual seems more accurate for the infant stage, while transdual reflects functional awakening to/as oneness.

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