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Transcend and exclude

In my own life, and of course... more easily... in other's life, I sometimes see a tendency to transcend and exclude.

And it has a direct connection with the shadow.

I am identified with a particular identity, and what comes up does not fit within that identity. The box I have made for myself is not big enough, and leaves it outside.

One of the more recent examples is with the movie The Secret, where my initial reaction was of pushing it away, putting it down, seeing it as inferior, not really worth existing.

But then, as soon as that happens, I also notice all the signs of being caught up in a shadow projection: pushing it away, putting it down, seeing it as inferior, not really worth existing...!

So shifting into a transcend and include mode, I am more free to find the grain of truth in its message, and also appreciate how it... obviously... fills a real need for many people. I can explore its value, its gifts, and see how it fits in with the bigger picture... what role does it fill? What can it do for people, and where are its limits? I can explore it in a more receptive and nuanced way.

And working with my own shadow projections around it certainly helps me in this... for instance by using The Work.

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