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Over the last few weeks, I have (in no particular order) been...

Reading in

  • Freedom to Be, A. H. Almaas.
  • Seeing Who You Really Are, Richard Lang.
  • The Interior Castle, Theresa of Avila.
  • Anatomy of the Psyche, Edward Edinger (on alchemy.)
  • Transformation of the Psyche, Henderson and Sherwood (also on alchemy.)

Listening to
  • Riot on an Empty Street, Kings of Convenience.
  • Quiet is the New Loud, Kings of Convenience.
  • Brazilian Lounge, Putumayo.
  • Arabian Travels II.
  • Fifty Gates of Wisdom, Ofra Haza.
  • Djangologie/USA, Django Reinhardt.
  • Aerial, Kate Bush.
  • Eight Seasons, Mari Boine.
  • Unfolding, Axiom of Choice.
  • Canticles de L'Orient, Seur Marie Keyrouz.
  • Music in Twelve Parts, Philip Glass.
  • Passio, Arvo Part.
  • Tabula Rasa, Arvo Part.
  • Faryad, Masters of Persian Music.
  • Bulgarian Custom Songs, The Mystery Of Bulgarian Voices Choir & Dora Hristova.
  • etc.

  • Infrequent sitting practice.
  • Infrequent use of The Work (Byron Katie's inquiry process.)
  • Headless experiments.
  • Some Big Mind process (to look at particular voices.)
  • More frequent use of other forms of inquiry, such as noticing the difference between forms (limited in space and time) and awake emptiness (timeless, spaceless), and where there is identification.
  • Self-Breema and Breema bodywork.
  • Working with dreams (active imagination and some Process Work.)
  • Worked with Source Codes (with Barry and Karen.)
  • Relationships (ongoing!)
  • Walking and hiking, mostly healthy diet (fresh, lower on the food chain), some strength.
  • Curiosity (the most important practice!)


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