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Dream: immensity wating to come through, and so much in this life is just pretending

There is a sense of an immensity waiting to come through, to be lived - if even just a little bit more, in this life.

And there is a sense of so much in this life - the holding back, any lack of natural confidence, any sense of separation, any beliefs in any ideas, any identifications, as just pretending.

It is the immensity pretending to be limited, finite, separate, small, acting as if it is true, and filtering itself through this pretending. All the while knowing very well it is just pretending. That is all it is. And it is time to allow this pretending to fall away. It has served its purpose. It has lived its life. Now it is time for something else for a while, for something else coming through this life. Something that is more naturally confident, knowing it is Spirit unfolding as a human being in the world of form, with no I in this separate manifestation.

This came up very vividly in my sleep early Saturday morning. As with so much else, there is nothing new here. I saw it clearly during the initial awakening: any beliefs in a separate I is just Spirit temporarily pretending to be finite, small, limited. But this dream was very different: very vivid, alive, immediate, indisputable, and with a sense of fullness and readiness to allow this pretending to fall away. It has lived its life. Now it is time for something else. (And that too is a process. Something unfolding, deepening, maturing over time.)


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