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Inquiry: What is the gift?

This is one of the subquestions in The Work I find useful, both for the initial statement and its turnarounds:

What is the gift in it? Or, what are three gifts?

I should'nt be sick. What are the gifts? Well, I get to rest. I get to find empathy with those who are sick, and are not able to live their lives as they would like to. I get to just be with my experiences, especially those my personality does not immediately like.

I shouldn't lose my eye-sight. What are the gifts? I get to allow others to help me. I can allow myself to be helped, to depend - to some extent - on others. I get to explore all my other senses - touch, sound, smell, taste, and explore them in a more rich way. A whole new world opens up for me.

I shouldn't die. What are the gifts? Well, any suffering or discomfort will end. I won't have to struggle with my life anymore. I get to pass the baton on to new generations. If something passes on beyond the death of my human self, I get to explore that.

For each statement, find three genuine gifts. And sit with it. Allow it to sink it. To penetrate. To seep into your being.

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