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Two Freedoms

Just to clarify the previous posting for myself:

When we find ourselves as a human self (in the world of form) and as the "ground" within which this all happens (formless awareness), there is a sense of engagement and freedom.

The engagement comes from the natural and essential preferences and tendencies of this human self. And the freedom comes in two forms: the freedom of fluidity, and the freedom of - a sense of - choice.

We are free to allow the world of form, within and outside of the human self, to come and go as guests - living their own life. We are free from being stuck in a particular experience, in struggling to holding on to or pushing away any particular experience. This is the freedom of fluidity.

And there may also be a sense of freedom of choice. Of a new spaciousness and overview which allows us to choose if and how to engage in whatever arises within or outside of this human self.

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