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Precision & Clarity in Big Mind

In the Big Mind process, it is easy to get carried away and go into abstractions rather than what is present in the immediate experience.

For instance, it is common for people to say, speaking as Big Mind, I manifest as ... anything, everything, trees, cars, emotions, thoughts, etc. But more accurately, we see that these things just happen, as as Big Mind, I am that too and they are me.

As Big Mind, I don't manifest, but I am anything and everything manifesting.

I don't think, but I am thinking - thinking is one of the many forms arising as me. I don't judge, but I am judgement. I am not awake or deluded, but I am awakening and delusion as they occur in the world of form. I don't change, but I am all the change happening in the world of form. I don't have a particular form, but I am all forms arising. I don't have a size, but all sizes and all space arise within and as me. I don't do, but I am all doing.

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