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After helping start up a Healthy Children - Healthy Planet group last night, I had some time before the bus came and went to a sandwich place. They had a "daily special", and I decided to just get whatever they offered, independent of personal preferences. It turned out to be a meatballs sandwich, and I had it after I came up - just about an hour before going to bed (I usually don't eat much in the evenings to allow the digestive system to calm down before the night). Predictably, my body rebelled and it was quite uncomfortable on a physical level for a while.

It was also a support to discover anew how I seem to have a foot in both worlds. I found myself clearly as capacity for the world, as emptiness, as no discomfort to the discomfort. And at the same time, I found myself as a somewhat miserable human being clogged up digestively and energetically. And the first allowed me to just be with - and be - the second.

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