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Flavors of Awakening

Sombody said that if there are 6 billion awakenings, then there are 6 billion different awakenings.

In each case it is Existence awakening to itself. It is the whole, awakening to itself as a whole, beyond and embracing all polarities.

At the same time, the flavor of this awakening is different in each case. There may be an emphasis on Big Mind (clear seeing, equanimity) or Big Heart (compassion, engagement), etc.

And in each case of embodiment, the content is always unique, which adds to the different flavors. Existence is always new, different and fresh, and so is any awakening.

Whether or not there are 6 billion embodied awakenings, there is already an infinity of flavors of awakenings - although even richer with 6 billion embodied ones.

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