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No Self

I am struck by how simple the experience of "no self" is.

To me, it has just a few simple main aspects:

I experience myself as capacity for the world, as space for whatever arises in the present.

I experience the world of phenomena, as it arises in the present, as a seamless fluid whole. A tapestry including anything arising internal and external to the small self.

I see that the world of phenomena - internal and external to the small self - lives its own life. It is a guest, coming and going in all its different manifestations.

I have a functional relationship with this particular small self. I receive input through it, and have access to information, skills, experiences etc. accumulated by this small self. The small becomes a vehicle for me in the world of phenomena.

The term "no self" means that the sense of absolute boundaries between the small self and the rest of the world of phenomena dissolves. First, I find myself as identified with the small self, looking out from it at the rest of the world of phenomena. Now, I find myself as space for the world of phenomena - as it arises internal and external to the small self.

I see that the small self is just a thread in the vast, rich fluid seamless tapestry arising in the present. And within this seamless whole, I see that I have a purely functional relationship to this small self - but nothing more. I don't need to take it more or less personal than anything else arising in the present.

It melts into the seamless tapestry of the world of phenomena as it arises here and now.

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