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Just This Fluidity

From previous posting:

Actually, I am not sure what is beyond what here. There seems to just be the fluidity of finding myself as the Absolute, as Big Mind, as human, as what arises without any "I" to be found anywhere. There is just this fluidity.

Yes, this is all I can say.

I find myself as the Absolute, as capacity for the world, the void, the mystery, the source, absolute stillness, pure awareness.

I find myself as Big Mind, as the Absolute and the Relative, as capacity for the world and the world as it arises in the present, beyond and including all polarities.

I find myself as a regular human being, with regular sensations, emotions, thoughts, hangups, problems, likes and dislikes, mortality, diseases, etc.

I find no "I" anywhere. Not as the Absolute, not as Big Mind, not as a human being. There is just what arises in the present, with no "I" anywhere to be found. And what arises includes this human being others take for "me".

All there is, is the fluidity of all of these. None seem more final or ultimate than the other. The flow is all there is.

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