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Becoming the Other

I see that I quite naturally and effortlessly become the other when anything or anyone appears to this small self, in the present. It seems to be just what happens on its own, and my only task is to get out of my own way so I can be available to it. If I add too many stories on top of it, I kick up too much dust for me to see it.

I also see that all these words create too much complication and separation: there is just what arises. I cannot really even find any "I" in it... There is just what arises in the present.

I can say...

I find myself - in my immediate experience - as capacity for the world, empty of any characteristics.

And I find myself as the fullness and richness of what arises.

Clear seeing, and fullness of heart.

Although what really is, is just what arises. And even that is saying too much.

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