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Waking dream: womb of cosmos

I am absorbed into the womb of a black woman, all of me. She is a cosmic woman, the dark ground of the universe with stars and galaxies swirling through her. She is a dark, immense, quiet, fertile ground. Then, a shift. I am again outside, every part of me cut up, over and over, and fed to her womb. I am sliced in every direction, and every piece is fed to her womb. Composting, crumbling, revealed as dark, fertile soil.

I woke up at 3am, and this dream came as I fell asleep again. I was awake, yet the dream happened on its own. A waking dream. The woman is the fertile darkness, ground of form, allowing everything in me to compost into dark, fertile soil After this dream, I stayed with it for a while allowing anything coming up to be composted in the darkness - sensations, memories.

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