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Seeking mind as double support: reminder of projections, and taking care of my human self

Seeking Mind seems to have, at least, two main functions...

Seeking Mind as coming from projections

It can be seen as coming entirely from blind projections. Said another way, it is how blind projections are expressed and held in our life.

Something is alive in immediate awareness. There is the thought that this can't possibly be me or right here. So it then has to be out there in the world, in others, in the past or future.

I then seek to contact it or avoid it out there in the world, which only has temporary and limited success.

When I notice that what I am seeking is already right here, there is a shift into a sense of fullness, richness and contentment.

Seeking Mind as taking care of my human self

On the other hand, Seeking Mind also holds some important relative truths.

I may seek peace, and notice that peace is already right here, independent of circumstances. At the same time, I may do something to change my circumstances, such as finding reconciliation with my partner, move to a more quiet and friendly neighborhood, and get a slower-paced job.

I seek health, and can notice that health is already right here, also independent of circumstances. And along with this, I can change my diet, get some exercise, engage in more nurturing relationships and activities, and go to a doctor.

In this way, Seeking Mind is that which keeps my human self alive and functioning in the world.

Seeking Mind as a double support

So on the one hand, Seeking Mind is a reminder to notice that what I am seeking is already right there. On the other hand, it is an invaluable support in engaging in daily life.

And as my projections are addressed and taken care of, Seeking Mind can function as a support in my daily life in a more clear and effective way, with less confusion from struggle and drama.


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