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Self & Other Power

From the view of Big Mind - God, Spirit, that which is beyond and embracing all polarities - the distinction of self- and other-power is there, but also dissolves. In both cases, it is God awakening to itself.

When there is an emphasis on self-power, this awakening happens (apparently) through the work of the human self. When there is an emphasis on other-power, this awakening happens (again apparently) through the work of the larger whole, through grace.

And it seems that in any case of awakening, both are there.

There may be a good deal of work and effort on the level of the human self, through for instance meditation, prayer, yogic practices, devotion, submission to a teacher, and so on. Still, the awakening is always from grace - always from something larger than and far beyond the human self. As a human self, we can invite awakening but not control it.

And there may be a sudden awakening, a grace apparently not invited by any (conscious) effort of the human self. And yet, there is a good deal of work in becoming familiar with, deepening, clarifying and integrating this awakening in the life of the human self. As a human self, we need to work on allowing the awakening more fully into our daily life.

In this wider context, we see that both are present and needed. God awakens to itself through grace, and God awakens to itself through and as the work of the human self.

And the particulars of this process will look different in each case.

For some, the grace comes through many years of dedicated practice. Much of the work of integration may already be done before the awakening.

For others, the grace comes out of the blue, or through a connection with someone already awakened, and the work of integration follows.

In both cases, this is followed by a continuous deepening, clarification and integration - itself a fluid intermingling of work and grace.

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