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I went to Portland Friday for a deeksha, and it helped me find a good deal of material for inquiry.

In the past, I have only received deeksha from one particular person (JLW), and I appreciate his approach very much. It is simple, grounded, and comes from a very mature view and familiarity with transdual spirituality (including from Buddhism). There is no extra.

This time, the deeksha came in a very different packaging (RT). One that happened to trigger a good deal in me - especially as I physically was already pretty run down that day.

Some of the many judgments triggered in me:

  • Instead of being brief and concise, he went on and on - in an incoherent and rambling way. Why not reduce the words to a minimum, and get on with the essence of it: the deeksha?

  • Instead of talking about it in a grounded and solid way, it came out as a seemingly endless rambling of half-baked new age fluff. Why go on about it in such a half-baked way, when it can be made simple, brief and grounded?

  • He took on a sickening "spiritual" persona, through his tone of voice and whole appearance, instead of just being a regular ordinary human being. Why add the extra to it, when it can be so simple? Why take on a persona in this way, when who you really are - simply, fully, as a human being - is the magic? Why be half when you can be whole?

  • He expressed it in a quite dualistic context, simplisticly "pro-awakening" without acknowledging the other side (God also as delusion, resistance etc.). Why take something that can be expressed beautifully in a more transdual way, and reduce it by making it appear one-sided and dualistic?
So there is lots of material here.

[specific inquiries to come]

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