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The deeksha process does seem to help people awaken to the nature of mind - and then to Big Mind. Using Ken Wilber's integral framework, this must mean that the development along the spiritual line is speeded up dramatically. Still, it seems to occur in a very grounded way. For me, the unfolding seems the most natural in the world - grounded, comfortable, gentle, and quick.

The other lines of development will (mostly) stay where they are, although they may mature faster now that they exist in a different - transdual - context. And the deeksha process also have a healing component which may help each of the lines of development to heal wherever they are at.

As they point out themselves - the awakening is a beginning as much as it is an end. It is the beginning of the process of deeper healing and integration on a personal level, clarification, deepening and evolution on a transpersonal level, and a deepening integration and richness of relationship between the two.

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