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Gradual Into Infinity

In Avishai's intermediate Breema class tonight, a whole new dimension opened up for me.

I experienced every lean and release as gradual into infinity. Independent of fast or slow, there was a sense of gradualness and infinity throughout the whole movement. It emerged from and released into infinity. The absolute was right here now as a continuous stream.

This is similar to other tastes...

  • A sense of the whole of Existence right here now.
  • A sense of each sequence, each body, and each phenomenon having unique personality and the same essence. Of seeing through the surface phenomena into a formless essence.
  • A sense of timelessness right here now - a continual stream.
  • A sense of touching the absolute right here now.
  • A sense of no giver, no receiver and nothing being done - only Existence manifesting.
All of these right here now as a continual stream...

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